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Telematics equipment for traffic safety and congestion avoidance

Integration of warning trailers, LED displays and temporary sensors into your telematics infrastructure

Road and highway maintenance agencys use a variety of vehicles, blocking trailers, LED boards and further equipment to ensure the safety of road work sites.

Adding a compact telematics unit to this equipment allows an operation over the internet. The equipments operating state is then always transparent for highway maintenance, foreman or service providers which increases flexibility and optimizes the use of resources.

By using the telematics unit, current data such as location, display content and traffic condition are available.

Highway and road maintenance, service providers and traffic control centers can use desktop or smartphone applications. Our clients can rely on our experience and flexibility during rollout and optimization of the operational use of the road maintenance equipment.

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Temporary, mobile congestion warning system

Mobile devices with LED panels and traffic sensors allow an early detection of traffic jams at construction sites.

Thereby dynamically customized display contents can be shown according to the current situation and thus the security of local staff as well as the road users can be optimised through complementary information about dangers or traffic conditions.

momatec offers a field-proven operating and control concept that makes the required functionalities comfortably usable for the user.

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Work during road operation - control congestions

For complex and big road work sites it is difficult to find a balance of interests between the optimization of construction operations as well as maintaining a liquid and safe traffic flow.

This is only possible if the available traffic space is used appropriately and intelligent according to the traffic situation. momatec has built up a unique experience in this field and will gladly assist you during planning and operation of temporary telematics equipment at critical areas of your site, traffic routing, or filtering traffic streams. We also support you integrating data and display contents in the traffic control centre.

Further, momatec monitors the data quality and ensures that the potential benefits of the measure are achieved. momatec documents all processes and data during operation and proves the economic benefit.

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